Top 30 Funny Easter Jokes 2021


Easter jokes are fun to talk in Easter Day, but they can also be confusing if you’re not sure what to say. It’s easy to come off as mean or insensitive if you don’t know the person well enough or if your sense of humor isn’t up-to-par. But this collection of Easter jokes is so clean, even grandma will laugh at them! These are all good choices for passing along in text messages to friends and family, too.


The Funny Joke For You At Easter Day

So without further ado, here are our favorite Easter joke memes:

1) What happened when the rabbit saw its shadow?  It started blowing eggs!

2) How many Easter Bunny’s does it take to paint eggs?  Depends on how hard you throw them.

3) What is a rabbit’s favorite subject in school?  Hare-sciously!

4) Why does the Easter Bunny hide eggs?  Because he doesn’t want to get arrested for all those rabbits he murdered.

5) How long do you cook a pot of green eggs and ham?  Funny you should ask…

6) If your rabbit lays an egg on Good Friday, what day will it hatch? Holy Saturday!

7) What did the mommy bunny say to her naughty baby bunny?  Bad easter bunny!

8) What do you call a rabbit with fleas?  Bugs Bunny.

9) Why don’t bunnies share their Easter candy with their kids?  It’s not like they’re gonna share their carrots with them anyway.

10) Easter Bunny: “I’m late, I’m late!” Alice: “For what?” Easter Bunny: “Oh, just for a very important date.”

11) Why was the rabbit kicked off of the soccer team?  He wasn’t good at hide-and-seek either.

12) What is an egg’s favorite play?  Hamlet!

13) How does a sassy bunny get around in the woods?  She uses Hopserlatschen.

14) Why did Winnie the Pooh go to Rabbit’s house?  He wanted some honey!

15) What are you supposed to do if you see a pink bunny eating lunch by himself?  Leave him alone!

16) Why did the Easter Bunny flop down dead?  He was egg-xhausted.

17) What’s the difference between an Easter Egg and toilet paper?  You use toilet paper to wipe your butt, but you don’t eat it… unless you’re out of eggs.

18) Where does the Easter Bunny buy his shoes?  The “ho-tel” bar.

19) How many rabbits does it take to screw in a light bulb?  Depends on how hard they’re thrown.

20) What do you call a rabbit that farts all day long?    Bungee Bunn.

21) What did the Easter Bunny say when he saw a dead bird?  I’m not going to lay an egg about it!

22) Why are rabbits so good at math?  You divide, then multiply.

23) Why don’t bunnies eat bananas?  They always slip out of their peels.

24) How does a rabbit travel from state-to-state?  In a hare-plane.

25) Why do people love chocolate eggs so much? Because they can easter in a bunny’s mouth!

26) What was the best thing before sliced bread?  The Easter Bunny! He used to deliver whole loaves.

27) Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?  Because the “P” is silent! Pterodactyls don’t say “p.”

28) What did one bunny say to another bunny when he looked up at the sky and saw two moons?  “Oh my, how late it’s getting!”

29) How does an Easter Bunny like his boiled eggs?  Just c-c-c-c-rocked hard.

30) When is it Easter in Alaska?  When you can see your shadow (on Christmas).

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