Top 10 Funny Secrets About National Sticker Day


It’s National Sticker Day! And that means it’s time to celebrate the wonderful world of stickers and all that they entail.

The Funny Secrets About National Sticker Day

Of course, we here at Kakos Industries know more about stickers than anyone else. Here are some facts you may not know about them:


1. If you put a small number of stickers on your body and cover yourself in water, the resulting fluid is pure and delicious. It can be used to make tea or coffee and tastes wonderful with fruit and honey. Why drink just water?

2. The Egyptians were using stickers as far back as four thousand years ago on their sarcophagi. Some think this was for decoration purposes only, but recent findings have revealed that these coffins would have been pushed out of a large hole in the side of a cliff, effectively turning them into human catapults.

3. Stickers are not often made from paper. They are usually made from other types of organic material that decompose at different speeds depending on the type of sticker it is. This allows for an ecological method for determining whether someone is alive or not after lengthy periods of time. It has also recently been discovered that stickers provide great insulation to houses during winter months, and if placed correctly can save you money on your bills all year round.

4. If you take part in activities with stickers, they will stay with you forever. Literally. As long as the sticker remains intact during use, even after extensive wear and tear, chemicals, or fire, it will remain part of your body after you die.

5. Stickers are often used as currency in magical kingdoms. It is well known that any sticker given to a goblin will be traded for goods or services at least ten times its sticker value.

6. If you place many stickers on another person’s skin, they might see the world differently than you do. Some people report seeing something different altogether with their eyes shut. One man even reported seeing candy growing out of the ground wherever he walked after placing several stickers on his face. He now runs an ice cream shop called “Sticky Fields” in rural Kentucky. The ice cream is no longer made from water, however, much to the chagrin of his customers.

7. Stickers are often used to decorate prisons in an effort to make them more bearable for inmates. This practice has declined recently because it is almost impossible to peel the stickers off without ripping them, and leaving evidence of their vandalism.

8. To this day there hasn’t been a recorded instance of someone biting into a sticker accidentally while eating something else and choking on it. Don’t try this at home or anywhere else for that matter. It just doesn’t happen. That’s why parents tell their kids not to do it when they’re young, you know? We still don’t want anyone doing it regardless of age once they’ve heard about this “great idea” from their sibling or friend.

9. Stickers are an important part of the ecosystem, especially in forests. You may not notice it until you see a perfectly cut decal on your car after driving through the woods for hours. Then you realize that all those small pieces have been used to build nests for animals that play an important role in turning dead wood into soil. It’s just another one of nature’s wonders, really.

10. Sticker parties are actually quite common these days because people want to meet others with similar interests and talk about stickers with other adults without being judged by their peers who still think they’re little kids with weird hobbies or “adults” who are childish or lazy. If you find yourself at a sticker party as a guest, try to bring as many stickers as you can. The host will almost always give you more for everyone that you provide. A good quality sticker is worth more than one without much detail or just plain ugly in most cases, but overall the rule is “the more the better.”

Well there are some interesting facts about National Sticker Day! I just hope nobody ever has to wear one of those decals on their car in order to survive being lost in the woods… Thanks for reading! And have a great National Sticker Day!

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