Top 10 Secrets About Martin Luther King Jr


January is a time to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr.—a man who dedicated himself to fighting for equality and justice for all. As we commemorate his legacy, here are some little-known facts about the iconic civil rights leader. Enjoy!


Some secrets about Martin Luther King Jr

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we wanted to share some little known secrets about the iconic civil rights leader. From his views on capitalism to his thoughts on love and relationships, here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Martin Luther King Jr.!

1. What many people don’t know about Martin Luther King Jr is that he was an avid Christian preacher who never let his spiritual life interfere with the final decisions of his public career even though he received several prophecies later in his life that he would die during Easter week.

2. He was offered $35, 000 for his autobiography but after careful consideration asked for $45, 000 to pay off some debts he had acquired during the previous years and to help out a few less fortunate members of his family including his father who was struggling financially at the time due to having lost a farm on which they were trying to build a new house.

3. In November 1952, while still on probation from Croz Seminary, Martin Luther King Jr was arrested for directing a large group of students occupying the offices of former Atlanta mayor Robert Maddox, protesting segregation. It later turned out that someone else was responsible for this protest but the incident did not go unnoticed by Dr King who was inspired to become even more involved in his civil rights work from that moment on.

4. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination took place on April 4th 1968 at 6:01pm while he was standing on the balcony of room 306 in Lorraine Hotel in Memphis Tennessee and strangely enough exactly 30 years after his first major public speech where he shared his dream with others and 7 years after he received a vision telling him he would die during Easter week which is exactly when it happened!

5. During John F Kennedy’s Presidency (1961-1963), Martin Luther was offered the position of United States Secretary of Commerce which he turned down with the explanation that he wanted to continue with his civil rights work. He also refused an offer from Mondale to help him campaign for re-election during 1980!

6. After receiving several death threats in 1965, King Jr decided to hire a full time bodyguard by the name of Jackson Smith whose job it was to protect and be at his beck and call 24/7 until further notice. This decision proved useful when a year later an unknown assailant shot a 22 caliber bullet straight through a kitchen window at the home of Dr King while everyone inside managed to escape unharmed!

. On March 25 1963, King joined a sea of protestors who marched on Washington D.C in what will forever be remembered as the largest civil rights rally in history where over 250, 000 people united under the banner “let freedom ring” to peacefully advocate an end to racial discrimination and segregation .

9. While he was in office, John F Kennedy refused Martin Luther King Jr’ s request for federal protection when he announced that he and his family would participate in a massive march later that year. His reasoning was that if we were not willing to send troops into Cuba to preserve democracy then we certainly could not justify sending troops into Alabama or Mississippi to enforce it!

10. Martin Luther King Jr received several letters from young fans all over America during which time he replied personally to most of them. One such letter was written by a young girl called Sarah Jean Collins who wrote to tell him she felt sorry for him because he wasn’t married like her daddy was. King Jr responded by saying “I am sorry about the marriage part but I have found happiness in being dedicated completely to the service of God and my fellow human beings.”

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