The Best Ideas For Italian Christmas Dinner 2021


If you’re looking for some ideas for a festive Italian Christmas dinner, look no further! In this post, we’ll share ten of our favorite recipes that will help you celebrate in style. From classic dishes like lasagna and cannoli to more modern fare like Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, there’s something here for everyone. So why not get started planning your holiday meal today? We promise it will be delicious!


Top 10 Italian Christmas Dinner

As Christmas comes closer, the question of what to eat during this time is one you’ll surely be asking yourself. There are plenty of traditional Italian dishes that make great Christmas food – here are our top ten ideas for your consideration.

1) Panettone

Traditionally eaten on Italian Christmas eve , panettone (which translates as “big bread”) is a sweet and spongy cake made with candied fruit and nuts, with an orange flavor. Â It can be served alone or with honey or whipped cream.

2) Baccala alla livornese

This dish of salted dried cod, tomatoes, raisins, and pine nuts served with boiled potatoes is a Christmas dinner in the Italian region of Tuscany.

3) Capitone alla veneziana

This dish of smoked eel, boiled with onions and tomatoes, is one of Venice’s oldest dishes – it serves to remind us that some years ago, some populations went fishing for their dinner on Christmas Day. Â The eel was then salted and dried to be preserved for future use.

4) Caponata alla siciliana

Caponata is an eggplant-based relish typical of Sicily, but originally from Spain. Â Cured olives, capers and tuna are also added. Â It can be served either hot or cold as a side dish with meat or fish.

5) Carpione

Carphone is a type of carp-based dish eaten in Northern Italy. The carp used was considered rubbish until Carlo de’ Pepoli (1362 – 1436) wrote about them in his Trattato della caccia, del Pesce e della salatura , describing the method for preparing the fish. Â It is usually served with polenta or bread, accompanied by vegetables and condiments according to local custom.

6) Cotoletta alla milanese

This golden fried cutlet is another Italian Christmas classic – it can be made using veal or turkey breast, breaded and seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon zest, and Parmesan cheese. Â It is a very popular dish in Lombardia, Piedmont, and Emilia Romagna, but can also be found all over Italy.

7) Focaccia col formaggio

A simple, tasty Alpine/Trentino recipe that can be prepared beforehand and then baked just before serving. Â You will need focaccia dough, mozzarella cheese, butter, and milk.

8) Milanese di maiale e verze

This traditional Italian Christmas dinner recipe from the region of Liguria uses pork meat and cabbage to create a delicious meal for your Christmas table.

9) Pandoro ed amaretto

Although not an official Italian Christmas tradition (yet!), I find pandoro (Italy’s Christmas bread) too pretty not to include in this list. Â All you need is sweet yeast bread, egg yolks, sugar, and butter – for decoration, try adding some icing or chopped almonds.

10) Umido di Selvaggi

A rustic dish meaning “wild game stew”, umido di Selvaggi was traditionally prepared with whatever meat the hunters had managed to bring back from their hunt. Â Nowadays it can be prepared with venison or rabbit instead, but also wild boar or duck are possible choices – it may take you a while to find all of these ingredients though!

Hope these top ten ideas were useful in getting your creative juices flowing in the kitchen. Â If you have a great Christmas dinner idea, please share it in the comments below – happy cooking!

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