Top 10 The Best Presidents of US


For all the presidents of the United States, they are only human. They can be both good and bad regardless of their high position in the government at any given time. These US presidents do not belong to any tribe or race, but they served for everyone’s interest regardless of their political affiliation with different political parties at any given time.

There are many prominent people in history that made a change in politics, either locally or internationally politics have always been dominated by strong people. In the list below is the top 10 best president of the united state:


10) Barack Obama

Barack Obama is also known as the 44th president of America. He was inaugurated on January 20 2009 and took office for a second term on January 20, 2013. He was the first African-American to be elected as US president and is currently serving this period of time.

9) James Madison

He is best known for his role in the US constitution, which he not only wrote but also defended before the Virginia convention in 1788. During his presidency he successfully handled France, Britain, and America’s relations adding on that he had previously served as a state legislator, Continental Congress representative and Secretary of State.

8. Thomas Jefferson

He was the third president of US. He paved way for free public education and legal reforms. His efforts to expand the territory of US earned him nicknames “Manifest Destiny” and “Napoleon of the West”. Besides this, he doubled the size of US by acquiring Louisiana Territory from France in 1803 together with Lewis and Clark expedition. However, he is caught up in a sex scandal involving his slave named Sally Hemings that led to his resignation in 1809.

7) Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR)

For 12 years, FDR served as president of America before it ended up with War against Japan and Germany. It happened at a time when the USA had emerged as last man standing following WW1 and Great Depression. During this time, FDR came up with New Deal reforms in order to improve the economy and launched a counterattack on Depression. He also won a third term of presidency which was later changed into four terms but he died before that could happen.

6) Dwight Eisenhower

He was a general in the US army who later became a president in 1953-1961. He is best known for the roles he played in World War 2 and Korean War. In his second term election, there was an idea of having him run for the thirdly period but it did not push through due to health reasons.

5) Harry Truman

The 33rd president of United States from 1945-1953 is introduced by media as “the buck stops here” after displaying his strong leadership skills on. Besides this, he had also successfully ended the war in Korea and established NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ).

4) Lyndon B Johnson

As 36th president of America, LBJ has shown his great interest in civil rights where he made significant efforts to advance them. On January 20, 1964, he was inaugurated as US president following the assassination of the previous president John F Kennedy. He won elections again but died of a heart attack before the end of third period on January 22, 1973

3) George Washington

This first president who served for two terms between 1789-1797 is widely known for establishing American identity and led the country’s military through eight years’ war. After serving his duty as US president, he went back to his plantation where he spent the rest of his days.

2) John F Kennedy

During his term of office, JFK served as 35th president who was assassinated after a few years in 1963. He is known for establishing Peace Corps and serving America during Cold War. His motto ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’ made him known worldwide.

1) Abraham Lincoln

He is best known for preserving the United States Republic during Civil War and abolishing slavery. Some historians even claim that if it wasn’t because of this man, there would be no United States today owing to its great growth through industrialization, invention and transformation into the world’s most powerful nation eco nomically). After assuming the presidency, he won re-election but was assassinated before completing his tenure.

All the above US Presidents have been great leaders who left great marks in American history from serving as civil rights advocators to nation builders, military commanders and even inventors. The list is not yet complete but it contains people whose contributions made the USA a successful country for more than 200 years. They may be dead now but they will always live on through their deeds.

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