Top 10 Ideas To Decorate Your Home For St Patrick’s Day


This week is St Patrick’s Day, or ‘Lá Fhéile Pádraig’ in the native Irish language. This year it falls on 17 March and while many people will be celebrating by wearing green (either a traditional shade or Kelly/Mint green), donning the famous Irish hat (the tweed flatcap) and downing some Guinness, others may want to decorate their homes for this special day.


Here are 10 ideas you might like to try at your home;

1. Create Themed Tableware

Create themed tableware featuring colours associated with Ireland such as emerald green and gold, along with the four leaf clover which is also symbolic of this holiday. Other decorations can include traditional images of Ireland such as the Celtic cross, Irish wolfhound and Celtic knotwork.

2. Hang Large Snapshots Of The Emerald Isle

Large snapshots are a great way to decorate your home for St Patrick’s Day if you want to bring the feel of Ireland directly into your home. This is also a great idea if you cannot travel to Ireland or can only afford to visit every now and again, as you can still enjoy its beauty through these large photographic prints.

3. Add A Touch Of Green To Your Home Decor

Of course if green is your favourite colour then why not use this colour in your home decor? You could paint one wall in your lounge with Kelly/M green (make sure it complements your other wallpapers and room decor), add green cushions to the sofa, or perhaps some green ceramic vases on a shelf or mantelpiece would look particularly beautiful.

4. Display An Irish Folk Art Painting

Irish folk art paintings can be bought from many of the souvenir shops in Ireland and they make wonderful decorative items for anyone’s home while also representing this special holiday at the same time. These pictures usually depict images such as cattle grazing in the lush pastures of Ireland, or an Irish cottage scene complete with people celebrating.

5. Add A Touch Of Blarney To Your Home Decor

This is more of a fun way of decorating your home for St Patrick’s Day and it is simple to achieve by adding the well known Irish word ‘blarney’ to your home decor. It could be as easy as applying a piece of green sticky tack lettering with the word ‘Blarney’ on it and attaching it to one of your walls, or you can go further and paint a mural or create some other type of wall art that incorporates the famous Irish word.

6. Hang Ireland Flags And Symbols Of The Holiday

Ireland flags and symbols associated with St Patrick’s Day include four leaf clovers, leprechauns and rainbows – all naturally colourful items which can be hung from ribbons or string inside your house to decorate for this special holiday. You may also want to display some sprigs of green with your décor as well as these are usually used in Ireland.

7. Display A Garden Of Shamrocks

This is a fun and easy way of decorating your home for St Patrick’s Day and it only requires you to plant rows of shamrock (the three leaved clover which is traditionally found growing wild alongside footpaths in the Irish countryside) in small containers or pots and then placing them somewhere indoors such as on a windowsill, shelf or mantelpiece where they can be enjoyed. Simply water regularly until they sprout and then enjoy their beautiful blooms throughout the year.

8. Dress Up Your Pets In Green Or Shamrock Clothing

Dress up your pets in green clothing and your home will not be complete until they are included, after all the holiday is called ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’ so everyone should celebrate! You could dress your cat or dog in a green sweater, tie or coat with shamrock accessories attached to it such as a hat, bow or rosette. This is also a great idea if you want to add some Guinness themed décor (see below)

9. Add A Touch Of Guinness To Your Home Decor

Guinness has long been associated with Ireland and of course St Patrick’s Day which is why it makes sense to decorate your home with some Guinness related imagery during this festive time of year. This could include things like a Guinness bar tap or pump handle attached to a painted wooden board which can be used as art, a Guinness bottle top with string attached through the centre to make a decorative mobile, or even a painting of an old vintage advert from when this famous drink was brewed locally in Ireland.

10. Display A Rainbow Of Flags

If you really want to embrace all that is Irish then why not decorate your home with flags of many countries across the globe that are associated with St Patrick’s Day? You could put up flags that represent places such as Australia, America and naturally Ireland itself but there are also other regions of the world where locals celebrate this holiday including Canada, Argentina and even far away lands like New Zealand

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