Top 15 St Patrick’s Day Gifts Idea


Are you looking for St Patrick’s Day gifts for your friends who love Ireland? Take a look at the following list of unique St Patrick’s Day merchandise. Our Top 10 St Patrick’s Day gifts are perfect Irish themed items that you can buy as presents or just buy yourself to remind you of all things green, shamrock and leprechaun!


St Patrick’s Day t-shirt

St Patrick’s Day may only be celebrated once per year but it doesn’t stop people celebrating every day with Irish themed Newfie novelty t-shirts like this one below. Not sure if this is for men or women but I do know that if you wear it long enough your clothes will eventually turn green (like someone wearing this t-shirt).

Irish soda bread

If you’re a fan of Irish soda bread then I am sure that you have eaten many different varieties. But have you ever tasted Irish Stout Soda Bread? If the answer is no, then why not try it for yourself and let us know if Guinness tastes better in a cake or a drink?

Festive bubble machine

The next product on our list of St Patrick’s Day merchandise is this very festive bubble machine! Simply fill up it with bubble fluid and watch thousands of bubbles rain down over your head while wearing green top hat. The batteries are included so all you need to do is buy some more bubble fluid to get started! Perfect gift for children but remember they might need some supervision when using this item after too much green beer.

Green beer

Everybody loves green beer especially on St Patrick’s Day! This t-shirt is perfect for celebrating the drunken Irish holiday or any other day of the year if you are one of those who just love Guinness. It comes in a wide range of different colors and sizes so you can buy them as presents for people with green taste. Get yours now!

Leprechaun trap

The next item on our list of St Patrick’s Day merchandise is this leprechaun trap that will catch yourself a leprechaun by the end of the night. The only downside to this product is that it won’t work until after midnight because otherwise any creature caught inside would turn to stone, but that’s why we all carry a watch right?

Stone of Destiny

Since we are on the topic of “things that turn to stone”, this next product is perfect for any leprechauns who might be in your neighborhood. While not as mysterious or powerful as the real Stone of Destiny, this novelty item can make your friends feel like real kings and queens when they place their drinks on top of this special coaster. Remember: you don’t need magical powers to influence someone to buy you a present!

Fishing Equipment

This particular product was made in America but I’m sure that there is somebody in Ireland selling them too! Catch yourself some big fish with these very colorful lures which with 3 different types of hooks. The eyes on the lure are very realistic so certainly not for the faint hearted.


Did somebody say Guinness? Well this is definitely not a pint of stout but it is just as important to have some alcohol for St Patrick’s Day right? This small bottle opener may be small but that doesn’t mean it can’t open beer bottles or even champagne bottles. As long as you remember to drink responsibly then anybody carrying this product won’t have any excuse when they run out of corkscrew at home!

Green top hat

This next product turned out to be better than we expected: a bright green top hat that every Irishman needs to wear on St Patrick’s Day or any other day of the year that involves wearing hats. The only problem is that if you do not keep it on top of your head, then you might end up losing it because it looks so amazing.

Waterproof leprechaun trap

Brought to us by the same company that made the previous product on this list of St Patrick’s Day merchandise, this is yet another waterproof leprechaun trap! This particular version comes with a 3D construction which makes it look very real and very easy to use. Just place it at your front door or any place where there are lots of Irish people nearby and let the magic happen! Leprechauns love gold so they will definitely get spotted eventually.

Leprechaun Bag

This next item was brought to us from an Italian company but I’m sure our Irish friends will be able to find it as well, especially if they use the Internet (it is a shame that such a great invention cannot be found in every town and village). This 8 pounds bag of fake leprechaun gold coins will definitely come in handy to any lucky Irish person who comes across it!

Green LEDs

Up next on our list of St Patrick’s Day merchandise is this wonderful string of green LEDs which can be used to light up your home or even just to decorate yourself with for the occasion. It can also be hung on doors and ceilings so you don’t have to worry about plugging them into the wall every time you want to switch them on because they are battery operated. Make sure to get yours now before there is no more left!


This is probably the most luxurious item on our list of St Patrick’s Day merchandise because it features real gold (not the fake stuff). Not only that, but this wallet will make you look like a true Irishman on St Patrick’s Day or any other day of the year. So what do you get for your money? Well, for starters you get a genuine swiss leather wallet which has been made in Italy and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You also get a leprechaun trap! Whether or not this was an honest mistake by some worker at the factory who included it by accident we will never know but I guess every little helps when attempting to catch these magical creatures.

Leprechaun trap RC

This next product is brought to us by the makers of all our other St Patrick’s Day merchandise featured on this list. We are now moving into the toy section with this wonderful leprechaun trap RC! Although children may not be able to use it as much as adults, they will definitely enjoy playing with it for hours at a time before you eventually have to take it away from them because they start fighting over it. Adults can also play but only if they abide by the rules. I’m sure nobody will forget the rules after reading the official guidelines that come along with this amazing product! So do yourself and your kids a favor and get one for each family member so everyone stays happy during St Patrick’s Day!

Green umbrella

An awesome product brought to us by the same company that made all our other St Patrick’s Day merchandise. This time it is a beautiful green umbrella, perfect for any Irishman who enjoys walking in the rain or just to put at home next to your door because every true Irishman needs an umbrella. And if you place this one at home and you find yourself stuck outside on a rainy day (it happens) then it will surely remind you of what a great country Ireland is and make you appreciate it even more. So don’t hesitate to buy one now before they run out because we cannot guarantee we will be getting more stocks soon!

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