Top 10 Secrets About Biden President


The real estate market has often been the precursor to future economic decline. The sub-prime mortgage crisis began in 2007, but was not recognized as a problem until 2008. When the market collapsed, businesses were affected and unemployment went up across America.

When President Obama took office, he implemented relief measures to keep the economy afloat during the housing crisis which included executive order 13502 that created funding for federal home loan banks to increase their capital by $100 billion. This would ultimately lead to easier access to loans for consumers.


1) Biden Has A Passion For Cars

Although President Obama is known for his love of basketball, Joe Biden’s favorite pastime is cars. He can often be seen driving around Washington D.C., along with his staff, in a 1967 Corvette. His collection includes a 1965 Corvette, a 1986 Porsche 944 and a 1968 Mustang Fastback.

2) Biden Is A Major Voice For Women’s Rights

It is no secret President Obama loves to surround himself with female councilors, but he also feels extremely passionate about women’s rights. If it is not something that has already been done, President Obama will consult with Vice-President Joe Biden before making any decisions regarding women’s issues. To show his appreciation for all of the work that Biden has done on behalf of women, President Obama jokingly stated during the 2010 White House Correspondents Dinner that his VP was actually an honorary woman because of how much time he spends talking to them.

3) He Was Once A Lifeguard

When he was younger, Joe Biden used to be a lifeguard. He later credited this experience for his ability to talk with students who were in trouble or facing tough times during many of his speeches across the country.

4) Biden Lost His Wife & Daughter In A Car Crash And Found Love Again

Joe Biden’s first wife and daughter died in a car crash that occurred when he was young. After suffering through such tragedy, it seemed like forever before Biden found love again. Once he did, however, the romance led quickly to marriage and Jill became his second wife in 1977. It is clear that even after all of these years they are very much in love; their relationship can often be seen displayed by public displays of affection, such as hugging and holding hands.

5) Biden Has A Lot of Medical Problems

Joe Biden is known for being very sickly. He suffers from asthma, allergies, an enlarged prostate, bursitis in his shoulders and arthritis in his neck along with visible facial pain called Bell’s Palsy. Despite all of these medical problems, he has managed to continue working hard on behalf of the American people by taking injections that have reduced the pain tremendously.

6) He Is An Admirer Of Abraham Lincoln

Although he had initially wanted to become a priest when he was younger, Joe Biden later decided to enter politics instead. It was an admiration for Abraham Lincoln that led him down this career path. His love for President Lincoln is one of the many reasons why President Obama asked Biden to be his running mate in 2008.

7) He Was Overlooked For The Supreme Court Seat That Ultimately Went To Sonia Sotomayor

Even though he was one of Barack Obama’s first choices for Supreme Court Justice, Joe Biden was not chosen. At first, it seemed like Biden would be the natural replacement for Justice David Souter. President Obama, however, changed his mind and chose Sonia Sotomayor instead.

8) He Was In A Bad Plane Crash In 1972

In 1972, Joe Biden was involved in a plane crash that could have been fatal. During this time he had been practicing law up until he decided to run for senate. Being very familiar with injury himself, he became an advocate of health care reform and has worked toward this goal ever since being elected to Congress in 1973.

9) He Was Born In The Year Of The Rat

During the Chinese Zodiac, people born under the sign of the rat are considered to be hardworking, alert, ambitious and good leaders. This is one of the many reasons why Barack Obama chose Biden to be his running mate in 2008.

10) He Is A Well Known Chauvinist

Although he has worked hard over the years to change this image, Joe Biden is still known for being a bit of a chauvinist at heart. It does not seem to be intentional, but his words and actions have definitely contributed to this label. In spite of all of the negative attention he has received as a result of this trait, Biden still seems very appreciative for the opportunity to work on behalf of women’s rights.

As you can see from these ten secrets about Joe Biden, there is a lot more to his story than most people know. He is a very interesting individual that has been working hard for the American people from the day he was born, and really does deserve all of the attention that has come his way as a result of good work.

The information listed above will help you understand Biden even better.

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