Top 10 Reason Why Obama Is A Special President


The number of secrets that surround Obama is overwhelming. His background, his family life and even the way he evolved into politics are the subject of rising interest.

As you may know, Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th 1961, to a Kansan mother and a Kenyan father. But what do we really know about this President? Here’s our top ten list on some of the most intriguing secrets surrounding Barack Hussein Obama!


1- The president suffered domestic abuse at the hands of his stepfather as a child  Growing up poor, living with an alcoholic stepfather had its consequences for young Obama. He had to deal with physical violence on more than one occasion when he tried to protect his mother from her husband’s rages.

2- Obama is a Beatles fan!  In fact, his favourite song from the legendary band is The Girl Is Mine. But he also likes Elvis, Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan…

3- He’s a sensitive soul! For a tough guy in politics, Obama has a soft side. He cries at the movies and even admitted to watching Mamma Mia more than ten times in one year when he was trying to learn Swedish for political reasons.

4- In his twenties Obama went through several identity crises  You certainly can’t blame this young man for being confused about who he was during that period of his life when he lived in different places including New York, Los Angeles and Jakarta before going back to Hawaii where his mother lived. He tried out being a liberal, then a radical and finally ended up as a social democrat!

5- In his twenties Obama experimented with drugs  Bet you didn’t know that the President of the USA once got high on cannabis. It’s true! According to his memoirs, he smoked pot for the first time in Hawaii – but never again after that because he didn’t like it!

6- The Obamas are drawing inspiration from Camelot   Not long ago Barack Obama described his wife Michelle as “the most quintessentially American woman I know”. Ooh la la! We’re not used to seeing POTUS getting all romantic about FLOTUS… When asked by Barbara Walters if she was the Jackie Kennedy of the 21st century, Michelle said she was happy to receive the comparison.

7- He only got through Harvard thanks to his wife    Now this is one secret about Obama that’s no longer a secret. It’s common knowledge that he met his life partner at the law firm where they both worked in Chicago. Michelle recalls how Barack had just lost a congressional race when she joined the company and how he used to stay back late practicing his speech for the next day… So sweet!

8- Sometimes Sasha interrupts official state dinners  Michelle has said that while her husband was recuperating after surgery, little Sasha took it upon herself to tell her parents that dinner was getting cold. We guess that if Mal ever does something like this, POTUS will see the funny side!

9- Obama is a good friend of Oprah Winfrey  He’s often said that this billionaire talk show host, actress and philanthropist has been like “family” to him since he was first elected. They are so close it’s even rumoured that she might run for office at some point in her life…

10- The president can speak Indonesian  One thing’s for sure – his efforts to perfect the language while living in Indonesia must have paid off because he speaks Javanese fluently. Not bad for someone who once admitted that the pronunciation of certain words was difficult for him when he moved there at age 6… So what did you think? Are our top ten secrets about Obama president enough to convince you that he’s not as ordinary as some people might think? We guess those of you who said no have a bit more insight now!

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