XXXTentacion – A rapper legendary


I’m a big fan of XXXTentacion. I know a lot of people criticize him for being “emo” or having a lot of suicidal lyrics but he is so misunderstood it’s crazy. Sure, you have some songs where he hints at suicide and depression, but there are tons of other songs on his albums that talk about how him and his ex-girlfriend abused by their parents growing up. He just wants to warn others from experiencing that abuse from their parents themselves. Nowadays it’s becoming more common for young people to have been abused as children, especially girls who get sexually assaulted by their fathers/stepfathers(if they even have dads)

Me…well…my story’s different than X’s. I got raped by my mother when I was 7 years old (I’m 18 now), and then again at age 10. When I was 13, my family moved away to Missouri. That’s where I started running into problems with kids in the area who would constantly bully me for being “emo”. They also called me a lot of other slurs like fag, pussy/cunt (because they thought it meant bad too), hoe, etc…It didn’t help that I dressed differently than most people who lived there cause they preferred jeans instead of sweatpants and hoodies over streetwear shirts.


The 10 best songs of XXXTentacion are the following

1. Look at me!

2. Hit the dirt

3. Sippin tea in yo hood

4. I don’t wanna do this anymore

5. Revenge (feat. Ski Mask The Slump God)

6. Fuck em we ball

7.. UP LIKE AN GANGSTER (feat..xxxtentacion & ski mask the slump god…with ronny J,$ki Mask the slump god,pouya ,wes……)

8.. Am i a good person?

9.. Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares …(Feat Xxxtentacions Mom) Lyrics on screen!!!

10. Jocelyn Flores

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