Top 10 Secrets About Chaka Khan


Chaka Khan is an iconic singer and songwriter who has been in the music industry for over five decades. Her distinctive sound, powerful vocals, and iconic look have earned her countless awards and accolades. While Chaka’s career is full of success stories, there are some things that remain unknown to many. Here are ten secrets about Chaka Khan that you may not know.


1) Chaka was born with the name Yvette Marie Stevens on March 23rd, 1953 in Chicago. She later shortened her name to Chaka Adunne Aduffe Yemoja Hodarhi Karifi when she joined an African-American political organization called The Lost-Found Nation of Islam.

2) Chaka’s first solo success was with the hit single, “I’m Every Woman.” She later released several other popular singles like “Ain’t Nobody” and “I Feel for You”.

3) Chaka has been nominated for an impressive ten Grammy Awards and won three.

4) Chaka Khan holds the Guinness World Record for most consecutive shows performed in a 24-hour period. Between March 25th and 26th of 1996, Chaka performed an incredible fifteen shows!

5) Chaka is a huge fan of Indian cinema and often incorporates elements of Bollywood music into her own work.

6) Chaka Khan was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. To date, she is the only female artist to have received this honor twice.

7) Chaka has been married and divorced twice in her life, most recently to Doug Rasheed in 2001.

8) Chaka Khan is a huge advocate for animal rights, having worked closely with the charity organization PETA since 2005.

9) Chaka Khan was awarded an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music in 2007.

10) Chaka Khan’s daughter Indira achieved fame as a singer in her own right after collaborating with Chaka on multiple projects. She also went on to produce and write music for television shows like Empire and Glee.

Chaka Khan is undoubtedly one of the most successful musicians of the modern era. Her unforgettable music, activism, and larger-than-life persona have made her an international phenomenon and a true icon of the music industry. With these ten secrets about Chaka Khan, you can gain even more insight into her incredible life and career.

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