Top 15 Secrets Fan May Don’t Know About Aerosmith


Aerosmith is one of the most popular and influential American rock bands of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide. They have also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Here are 10 things you might not know about Aerosmith.


1. The band was originally formed in Boston in 1970 by lead singer Steven Tyler, guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer.

2. The band’s first album, Aerosmith, was released in 1973 and featured the hits “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion.”

3. The band’s second album, Get Your Wings, was released in 1974 and featured the hit “Walk This Way.”

4. The band’s third album, Toys in the Attic, was released in 1975 and featured the hits “Sweet Emotion” and “Walk This Way.”

5. The band’s fourth album, Rocks, was released in 1976 and featured the hits “Back in the Saddle” and “Last Child.”

6. The band’s fifth album, Draw the Line, was released in 1977 and featured the hit “Draw the Line.”

7. The band’s sixth album, Night in the Ruts, was released in 1979 and featured the hit “No Surprize.”

8. The band’s seventh album, Rock in a Hard Place, was released in 1982 and featured the hit “Lightning Strikes.”

9. The band’s eighth album, Done with Mirrors, was released in 1986 and featured the hit “Love in an Elevator.”

10. The band’s ninth album, Pump, was released in 1989 and featured the hits “Janie’s Got a Gun” and “What It Takes.”

11. The band’s tenth album, Get a Grip, was released in 1993 and featured the hits “Livin’ on the Edge” and “Cryin’.”

12. The band’s eleventh album, Nine Lives, was released in 1997 and featured the hit “Falling In Love (Is Hard on the Knees).”

13. The band’s twelfth album, Just Push Play, was released in 2001 and featured the hit “Jaded.”

14. The band’s thirteenth album, Honkin’ on Bobo, was released in 2004 and featured the hit “Devil’s Got a New Disguise.”

15. The band is currently working on a new album, which is set to be released sometime in 2017.

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