top 10 songs of album 30 of adele

adele 30 1

30 maybe one of the greatest music product in 2021 and one of the greatest albums of Adele. The best songs of Adele are mostly the heart-touching lyrics that make her fan feel with her when she is speaking. Adele has made the song in such a way that will show her emotional eagerness with the fan. She has done it with grace and a mighty voice which is why the top 10 songs of album Adele 30 are famous all over the world.

adele 30 1


1. Hello: – This song is at the first number of top 10 songs of album 30 because its video was released before other videos which was a very rare thing to do by any singer, Even the music label did not think about this idea and we can say here that they were lucky because this song becomes popular after release and critics also praised it very much.

2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover): – This song is only in the second number in the top 10 songs of album 30 and we can say that it has earned this position because its lyrics and music is just too good. We cannot imagine that a singer will do such an adjustment with his/her voice who has a wonderful voice like Adele, she did some extra work to make the song even better than before,

3. When We Were Young: – This song surprised us all because this was a different kind of song which nobody had ever done before, Its video was released first on social media which also made big difference between this song of her other songs. Critics praised her for showing up a new way of singing and we can say that this song is an inspiration to all those singers who have not shown their talent as much as they should do.

4. Rolling In The Deep: – How many times we have heard this song? Every adele’s fan must have listened to this one so many times and it has been said by the critics also that it’s a wonderful composition which other fans will definitely love.

5. Someone Like You: – This perfect piece of art proves how dedicated she was to making something unique, Critics also praised her work after listening to this song and we can find almost every singer doing a cover-up of this song which shows how it is now.

6. Rumour Has It: – How many times we have heard this song? I think you all know that answer because it becomes popular after its release and keeps on repeating in radios continuously.

7. Rolling In The Deep (Life From Wembly Arena): – We can say that her live songs are even better than the studio version, This live version of rolling in the deep is living proof where critics praised her for singing like she is actually doing it for lyrics, not notes which made a huge difference here.

8. Set Fire to the Rain (Live From Wembley Arena): – Second best live performance by adele gets a place in top 10 songs of album 30 list which ensures how good she was when performing stage. People also love her because she is doing this all for music and fans which makes her special among other singers.

9. Water Under the Bridge: – This song is in 9th number of top 10 songs of album 30 because it got its place well, Its beautiful lyrics make people to love it again and again which keeps them alive for listening. Critics also praised her work here after hearing it the first time.

10. Take It All (Life From Wembley Arena): – Last but not least song of album 30 is one of adele’s classic hits after rolling in the deep live from Wembley arena, She did some extra work on this song like on the previous two songs which made big difference in it. We can say that its not one of the best songs but surely will be listened to by adele fans for a long time.

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