Top 10 Secrets About The Blue Bloods Series


The Blue Bloods series has been a bestseller for over 30 years and is now available as an audiobook. The books follow the adventures of half-human, half-vampire teenager, Schuyler Van Alen and her friends who are all descendants of British nobility. These vampires live in secret society called the Silver Bloods where they train to fight against their mortal enemies – the Red Bloods. This blog post will contain spoilers from both book 1 and 2 so you may want to read it after you’ve listened to them! Enjoy!


Top Secrets Of The Blue Bloods

Do you love to read Book? Do you enjoy mystery, drama and romance all in one novel? The Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz is a wonderful place to get lost for hours. These books take place in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where vampires and humans live together. The main character, Schuyler Van Alen attends school with other members of her family’s secret society: the blue bloods. If you are looking for an amazing book series that will keep your attention from start to finish then I suggest reading “Blue Bloods”.

10. The Blue Bloods series is set in the same universe as Richelle Mead’s Succubus series

Both of Richelle Mead’s previous series, Vampire Academy and Succubus, is set within the same universe that her Blue Bloods books exist in. Though no characters crossover into or out of this world, events that occur in one novel may be mentioned or referenced in another. This is seen best at the end of Dark Spirit, where a character who has appeared throughout both series makes an appearance by name (though not physically).

9. A lot of people don’t know about it!

Richelle hasn’t talked too much about this fact concerning these two book worlds existing within the same universe, and as such many people don’t even realize it. It’s best demonstrated in the acknowledgments of Dark Conflict where Richelle thanks certain individuals for helping her with “research” for both series, but fails to mention which ones apply to each separate world.

8. The Blue Bloods series is originally inspired by one of Richelle’s dreams

Richelle Mead has mentioned this fact on more than one occasion concerning her inspiration to write the first book of her series, being a dream she had after going to a hot-air balloon festival – though she never goes into exactly what was in said dream. It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t the only time Richelle has been inspired by a random dream! Many elements of her Vampire Academy series were also inspired by dreams she’d had.

7. The Blue Bloods series is shorter than Richelle Mead’s other series

This fact probably won’t be too surprising to many, as the Blue Bloods series only consists of six books while Richelle Mead’s other two series both have seven books each. This may be due in part to the fact that the Blue Bloods series is set within the same universe as another series, which allowed for more world-building and character development.

6. The final book of the series was originally going to be called “Redemption”

According to Richelle Mead’s website, the original title for the sixth and final book of the Blue Bloods series was going to be named “Redemption.” This title was changed to “Destiny” for unknown reasons.

5. The Blue Bloods series wasn’t planned out from the start

As with any series, there was a time when it began where Richelle Mead hadn’t quite mapped out how everything would go and what exactly needed to happen in order to get there – which is completely normal and understandable! It wasn’t until after she had finished up the first book that she figured out her plans for the rest of the series and could finally sit down and write accordingly.

4. There’s a reason why only certain people can see Vampires

Though this isn’t entirely spelled out at all within her books, Richelle Mead has stated on more than one occasion that she did in fact have reasons for why certain people were able to see the vampires of her Blue Bloods series and others weren’t. A lot of this was based on her personal studies concerning blood disorders, which is why some characters like Schuyler could see them while others like Kingsley and Mimi couldn’t.

3. The name “Vampires” is never used within the books

Though “Vampires” are used when talking about the creatures in question, Richelle Mead’s Blue Bloods series never actually uses the word ‘vampire’ or its plural variants in any of the books themselves. Instead they’re referred to as “The Breed,” with their leader being labeled as “The Prince.”

2. The Blue Bloods series is set within the same universe as Vampire Academy

For those who have read Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series, you may recall a character by the name of Anna appearing in both books. While initially it seemed as though she existed in both series’ separate universes, more recent information has revealed that she actually exists in two separate worlds sharing one soul – which kind of makes sense when you think about it.

1. There was going to be a spin-off series involving Schuyler Van Alen

There were plans to write a book focusing on Schuyler as her own separate story after the events of the Blue Bloods series ended, but Richelle Mead later decided against it. This is likely due to the fact that Schuyler’s story was more or less wrapped up in the final book and didn’t necessarily need a spin-off novel to further explore it.

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