Top 10 Secrets About Manchester City


Manchester City, one of the most successful football clubs in English football history, has been the topic of much discussion over the years. While some of the secrets surrounding the club have been revealed, many are still unknown to the general public. Here are the top 10 secrets about Manchester City that you may find intriguing:


1. Sheikh Mansour’s purchase of the club in 2008 was shrouded in secrecy, and the exact amount he paid for it has never been disclosed. It is widely believed that the deal was worth around £210 million.

2. The club has a state-of-the-art training facility known as the Etihad Campus, which houses a 7,000-seater stadium, indoor and outdoor training pitches, and state-of-the-art medical facilities.

3. Manchester City has a “boot room” that houses around 800 pairs of football boots for players to choose from. This allows them to select the perfect pair for each match, based on the playing surface, weather conditions and personal preferences.

4. The club has a vast network of scouts that search the globe for talented young players, and they have been credited with discovering some of the world’s most talented footballers, including Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure, and Kevin De Bruyne.

5. Manchester City has a unique pre-match ritual where the players write messages of support to each other on a whiteboard in the dressing room. This is said to promote team spirit and camaraderie within the squad.

6. The club has a team of nutritionists who work closely with the players to ensure they are eating the right foods and getting the correct nutrients to aid their performances on the pitch.

7. Manchester City has one of the most advanced analytics departments in world football. They use data analysis to identify weaknesses in their opponents and create bespoke game plans to exploit these weaknesses.

8. The club has an innovative marketing strategy that includes the creation of a virtual reality experience called “CityVR”. This allows fans to experience what it’s like to be a Manchester City player and go behind the scenes at the club.

9. Manchester City has a history of pioneering new technologies in football. In 2011, they were the first team to use goal-line technology and in 2019 they became the first professional football club to launch their own esports team.

10. The club has a rich and fascinating history, including a famous victory in the 1969 FA Cup Final, where they beat Leicester City 1-0. This victory helped to establish them as one of the biggest clubs in English football.

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