Top 10 Secrets About Jack Skellington – The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is a fictional character and the protagonist of Walt Disney Pictures’ 1993 stop-motion animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack is the “Pumpkin King” in Halloween Town, a place that exists in eternal darkness. He was voiced by Chris Sarandon and Danny Elfman, who also wrote the film’s music scores including the songs: “What’s This?” and especially “This Is Halloween”.

Top 10 Secrets You May Don’t Know About Jack

The Nightmare Before Christmas

10. Childhood Friends With Dr Finkelstein

When he was a child, Doctor Finkelstein brought his son Oscar to meet Santa Claus because they were poor at that time. Jack accidentally crushed little Oscar underfoot due to his giant size back then thus making their friendship fall apart thus resulting in Jack not being invited to Christmas this year.

9. Single? Yes!

Although Jack was shown to have a crush on Sally, his rag doll girlfriend in the movie the truth is that he never had any significant other except Santa Claus who just wanted him to be next in line for taking over the reins of Christmas.

8. His Favorite Color Is Green And Not Black

Jack’s favorite color was green because it reminds him of his pumpkin patch while growing up and not black as shown in the movie since Halloween Town residents are all dressed up wearing black.

7. Loves Children And Animals Too!

Jack loves kids so much that when he found out about Christmas, he decided to decorate them instead of the houses in Halloween Town. He also loves animals because he was seen making friends with a dog when he visited Christmas village while searching for his true identity.

6. Music Is His Passion And Not Necromancy

Jack is music personified! As said in the movie that Jack’s greatest desire is to be reunited with his love interest but according to history books, it should be music since before falling asleep one night while listening to Oogie Boogie’s Snake Song, he realized that singing and dancing are more fun than scaring people all the time thus ending up being Santa Claus’ apprentice instead.

5. Poor Princess Sally Had To Be Replaced…sort Of

When Sally discovered Jack’s involvement in Kidnapping Oogie Boogie, she was shocked to learn that Jack’s love for Christmas was a ploy and thus ending their romantic relationship. Moments after the breakup, Sally was found by her butler Lock, Shock, and Barrel who took her as a prisoner until they exacted revenge upon Jack for his betrayal.

4. He Is A Painter Too

Jack is also a painter since before falling asleep one night while listening to Oogie’s Snake Song, he realized that painting and drawing are more fun than scaring people all the time thus ending up being Santa Claus’ apprentice instead. This explains why the portrait of him from Halloween Town had been painted with green paint instead of black paint.

3. He And His Friends Are Not Vampires

Jack Skellington is not a vampire, he’s just misunderstood! Although the movie shows him dressed up to look like Count Dracula but in reality, he doesn’t drink human blood because it makes him sick. He was even proven to be wrong when Dr Finkelstein cured Lock Shock and Barrel using chicken soup instead of blood transfusion after Jack visited Santa Claus at Christmastown.

2. Despite His Demise, He Still Lives On With A Bow Tie And Music

Despite having died by tripping over his own feet while chasing Sally into Christmas Town, Jack still lives on with a bow tie and music because he will always be remembered as one of Disney’s most popular Halloween characters ever created for years to come.

1. No, He Is Not Evil

Although he is known to be evil in the movie, Jack Skellington is not really evil because it’s only how Halloween Town residents see him with their own eyes while wearing black paint on his face and having multiple sharp teeth while talking in a deep voice but when they look at him without any makeup or costume, they see Santa Claus instead of the pumpkin king.

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