Top 10 reasons why you’ll like watching “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”


A year before the release of “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs”, a executive at RKO Radio Pictures approached Walt Disney with an offer to purchase the film, believing it would be a financial disaster. He was originally going to refuse, but his staff talked him into it – they believed that the film had potential for success, and gave him a list of reasons why he should make it. That list became this article.


Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Snow White

10.) Walt Disney reportedly considered having Clara Bow, who plays one of the Bandmaidens in this movie, do some ‘breathy-voiced double-entendre’ lines but her agent stepped in and prevented it.

9.) The dwarfs, when they get all lathered up from mining the diamond-producing rock, look a lot like the seven dwarves from Snow White’s Adventures In Wonderland . That might have been where Walt Disney got the name.

8.) There are references to old fairy tales hidden throughout this film. For example, you can see Gulliver on Lilliput in the opening scene if you look carefully enough.

7.) Rumors are that several steps were taken by Walt Disney to prevent people who’d worked on this film from being blacklisted during the McCarthy hearings of the 1950’s – he wanted to keep them employed.

6.) Apparently at one point early in production, someone had suggested that the dwarves should be played by real little people. Walt reportedly responded “No, they’re dwarves – make them larger.”

5.) To create the illusion that Snow White was in fact singing during this film (because her voice is too low for Betty Boop to use), other members of the ‘Cast’ were used instead – most notably Cab Calloway, who was doing a number in another scene at the time.

4.) There are images hidden throughout this movie – one can be seen during Dopey’s dance routine when he pulls back his hat, revealing Donald Duck’s head.

3.) The Queen’s transformation into an old hag after touching the poisoned apple was actually quite difficult to animate because it wasn’t very clear what was supposed to be happening.

2.) The Queen’s cackle was actually created using the voice of a witch in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs .

1.) Even though this is the first animated feature-length film, Walt Disney once said that his favorite part of it wasn’t even technically animation – he was referring to the scene where Dopey dances down the stairs on roller skates while all the other dwarfs are carrying candles.

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