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The Chicago Bears have a long history of success, but they’ve struggled to get back on top recently. The team has lost many players and coaches in recent years, and it’s been difficult for them to recover.

Top 10 Greatest Player Of Chicago Bears

This article is meant to help the readers understand the current state of the team, what they need to do in order to become great again, and why an NFL franchise with such a storied history deserves respect.

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1, Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon became the starting quarterback after another rookie Steve Fuller was injured at the beginning of his career. He led them to Super Bowl in the 1985 season, but unfortunately, they were defeated by New England Patriots 46-10.

2, Walter Payton

Walter Payton is known as “Sweetness”. Although he died in 1999, he still ranks second all-time leading rusher with 16,726 yards.  He also holds many records for running back including most 100 yard games(77) and most consecutive games scoring a touchdown (9).  After his retirement, his jersey number 34 was retired throughout Chicago Bears history.  Until now there has not been another player who can match this great man’s greatness on the field.

3, Gale Sayers

Gale Sayers knew as “The Kansas Comet” was one of the most dynamic players in the history of the game.  Although only 7 seasons throughout his career he still managed to pile up impressive numbers.  Most notably is his 6,272 all-purpose yards and 56 rushing touchdowns.  His most famous highlight-reel play came against 49ers in which he returns a punt return for a touchdown by reversing the field with 7 players chasing after him away from the goal line. I am sure this game would be ranked amongst the top 10 most exciting games in NFL history if it were not for another great game that same season with SB between Cowboys and Colts.

4- Lance Briggs

Lance brings veteran leadership and speed to the linebacking corps. Last year he had 96 tackles and continues to be one of the best out there at his position. He brings excellent pass coverage skills as well as great tackling ability. What’s more, he has a very high motor- always chasing down plays from behind and never giving up on a play no matter how hopeless it may seem. Although he is getting older, I think Lance can still be a great player for the Bears and will keep him on this list.

5, Gale Sayers

In his career, Gale Sayers managed to play only 68 games while being hampered with injuries from the beginning. During those 68 games, he did manage to score 22 touchdowns on offense while also having an excellent season as a kick returner racking up 1,000 yards on 47 returns including 2 returns for a touchdown. He also holds records for the highest yards per carrying for a single season with 6.4 yards.

6, Dick Butkus

Dick “Butkus” is the most feared man in NFL history when he was carrying the ball.  During his 9 year career, he never carried more than 2 times in a game but in those two attempts, he made every yard count by averaging 15.5 yards each carries and scoring twice.  Not only was Butkus a great runner, but he also had amazing strength to break through any blockers and be able to stop rushers from advancing even after they were past him. In addition, he also holds records for recoveries(27) and interceptions(3). Yes, stats from 1965-1973 show that Dick Butkus played linebacker when he should have been used to spear running backs.

7, Doug Buffone

In an era that the Bears had a plethora of legendary linebackers, Butkus and Buffone stood above them all in my opinion.  Doug ended his career with 1,020 tackles to place him 4th in Bears history.  He not only showed amazing tackling ability but was also a threat to intercept any pass thrown by hitting receivers before they could get downfield for a catch. In addition, he helped lead them to Super Bowl XX where they were defeated by New England Patriots 46-10.

8, Dan Hampton

Dan Hampton is one of the most aggressive players I have ever seen play in the NFL. He is one player that no offensive linemen wanted to engage because he would punish them for coming into his area.  In addition, he had a great ability to jump at the line of scrimmage and get a hand on a ball before it was snapped allowing him to disrupt plays in the backfield. He also holds Bears records for sacks(106)and fumble recoveries(11).

9, Devin Hester

Devin Hester is one of the most electrifying players I have ever seen in NFL. His amazing punt returns that seem to go for touchdowns or at least huge gains every time have made him easily the best returner in NFL history. He holds records for punt returns for a touchdown (14), punt return average (15.1 yards), and longest non-scoring play with a 109-yard run.

10, Jay Hillenburg

As many may not know, Jay Hilgenberg was equally as dominate on both sides of the line.  He started at center and moved to left guard later in his career and excelled in both roles.  Hilgenberg made the pro bowl 7 times which is a testament to how talented he really was. He also had amazing strength that allowed him to stop any rusher who ran right towards him with only one arm sometimes.

I hope you all enjoyed this list of players I consider to be the most dominant Bear players ever! If you have any disagreements or if you think I missed someone please feel free to comment below and I will respond almost immediately.

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