Top 10 Most Powerful Treasures in the Marvel Universe


Top ten most powerful Treasures in the Marvel universe

The Marvel Universe is home to many strange, powerful, and terrifying treasures. Some of them have been made into blockbusters by the MCU, but there are many more unique things that people still know only through comic books. Let’s come to the strongest treasures in the Marvel world through this article!

The Heart of the Universe

Topping the list of the most powerful treasures in the Marvel universe is the Heart of the Universe. It has the greatest power and power in the world of Marvel’s comics.
Simply put, whoever owns the Heart of the Universe has the ultimate power and is second only to The One Above All – the entity that controls the entire Marvel universe. Over a thousand people and just under one, the Heart of the Universe truly makes Marvel entities aspire to possess.
The heart of the Universe is guarded by the mysterious space entities and Marvel’s most powerful race – the Celestials. In Marvel history, the mad giant Thanos once had the opportunity to touch the Heart block of the Universe and destroy all of spacetime with a single scream. With the power of the Heart of the Universe, Thanos can defeat an entire group of the most powerful entities representing spacetime including: Living Tribunal, Eternity, Infinity.

Cosmic Cube

Cosmic Cube has a very special power that allows its owner to control most forms of energy and provide infinite energy for itself. Some readers may confuse the Cosmic Cube and the Tessaract block as both have slightly similar shapes, but they are actually two completely different treasures.
The Cosmic Cube can also develop its own perception and choose its owner. At the same time, many powerful entities were born from the Cosmic Cube, using the boundless energy it brought. Some names can be mentioned such as: The Beyonder, the Ivory Kings group, Molecule man.

M’kraan crystal

The M’kraan crystal is a giant crystal that is pink and glowing. Unlike the Heart of the Universe or the Cosmic Cube, the M’kraan Crystal gives no strength or power to its owner. The existence of this crystal is extremely stressful for everything in the Marvel universe.
It is not clear who or what created the M’kraan Crystal, but according to other powerful beings, it does not obey any laws of physics or science. The M’kraan Crystal itself contains a neutron galaxy and is the junction of all that exists. If this crystal is destroyed, there will be no more existence from space to time and the entire universe will disappear.

The Darkhold

The Darkhold is an ancient book that records the ultimate knowledge but is extremely cruel. Users of The Darkhold can learn about dark magic. It is rumored that the knowledge recorded in The Darkhold helped create the first vampires and engulf the city of Atlantis.
Not only dangerous because of the power of dark magic, The Darkhold can also corrupt anyone who reads and absorbs the knowledge in it. Even if magic is used with good intentions, the user will be poisoned by the book’s evil.

Avalon’s Evil Eye

“Evil Eye of Avalon” or simply Evil eye is an extremely powerful treasure in the Marvel universe. It gives the possessor the power to control all forms of matter and control space. The Evil eye can decompose matter, destroy force fields, and create enormous energy explosions.
Whoever owns The Evil eye of Avalon will also have the power to conquer the supreme gods in the Marvel world. There was once a war between the Avengers and the Defenders due to a disagreement over control of Avalon’s Evil Eye.

The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

The treasure called The Crimson gem of Cyttorak appears in the X-Men universe and is associated with the second most powerful mutant X-Men: Juggernaut (Cain Marko). It is a mysterious gem created by an ancient god named Cyttorak and it carries with it a huge amount of energy.
Mutant Cain Marko aka Juggernaut accidentally found and absorbed the power of this mysterious gem. It grants him super strength, super speed and super durability, the ability to regenerate himself, and makes Juggernaut an Omega-grade X-Men.

Not only enhancing physical strength and physical strength, The Crimson gem of Cyttorak also gives Juggernaut the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, magic, and immortality. All of that only represents… 1% of the full power of the gem The Crimson of Cyttorak.

The Black Vortex
The treasure has a pretty “cool” name – The Black Vortex is the target of many powerful entities and dark forces in the Marvel universe. It has limitless power that can amplify the user’s power and potential thousands of times thousands of times. The existence of The Black Vortex is a potential threat to all superheroes and villains in the Marvel universe.
Superheroes are afraid to use The Black Vortex because it can make them corrupt, wallow in power, strength and become evil.
The X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy wanted to use the power of The Black Vortex to fight the dark entities from the universe, but they had to give up the idea in the end.

Infinity Gauntlets with Infinity Stones

Perhaps it is not necessary to say too much about the power of the Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones because it has appeared quite a lot on Marvel’s blockbuster movies. The thing is that the Infinity Gauntlet needs the Infinity Stones to become strong, without these stones it is quite “trash”.
As we learned in the movie about the gauntlet, it was created by the dwarves to help Thanos harness the power of the six Infinity Stones. The user of the Infinity Gauntlet along with the Infinity Stones has the ability to control the 6 basic elements of life including: Strength, Reality, Space, Time, Soul, Intelligence. It also strengthens and grants the user the same strength as the strongest beings in the Marvle universe.

The Ultimate Nullifer

Ultimate Nullifer is an extremely strange weapon with the size of a smartphone but possesses immense destructive power. It is also known as: The most destructive weapon in the universe.
The Ultimate Nullifer appears in the beginning of Johnny Storm (Human Touch) of the Fantastic Four, seeking it to stop Galactus from destroying the world. He travels all the way to the homeland of Galactus and finds The Ultimate Nullifer. It can be used to obliterate any target, destroy entire planets, and vaporize time.

Ten Rings of Mandarin

The Mandarin appearing in Iron Man 3 and the Mandarin in the Marvel comics have an extremely large power difference. Specifically in the movie, the MCU only introduces Mandarin as a high-tech terrorist who likes to use guns, bullets, missiles … But in the original comic version, Mandarin is more than that when he owns 10 extremely cool rings. . power era.
These 10 rings are derived from an alien spaceship that crashed to Earth and give the Mandarin tremendous power. They represent 10 elements constituting life and matter such as: ice, fire, thunder, electricity, light, spirituality… These 10 rings contribute to the name of Mandarin in Marvel’s demonic world.
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