Top 10 Main Characters In Spy x Family With A Great Role (2022)


With the release of ‘Spy x Family‘ (2022) just around the corner, audiences are anxious to see which main characters will take charge and have great roles. The film is about a family of undercover spies who work together to take down a terrorist organization. As we countdown to the premiere, let’s take a look at the top 10 main characters in this action-packed film. Who knows, maybe your favorite character will make the list!


1. Loid Forger

– The head of the Forger family and a world-renowned super spy. He’s charming, handsome, and always gets the job done no matter the cost.

2. Twilight

– Loid’s estranged wife and a world-class assassin. She’s cold, calculating, and will stop at nothing to complete her mission.

3. Yoruku Obama

– Loid’s partner and the brains behind their operations. He’s a genius hacker who can get into any system no matter how well protected it is.

4. Anya Amasova

– A beautiful Russian spy who becomes Loid’s love interest. She’s skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is always ready for a fight.

5. Erosa

– Loid’s right hand and a deadly sniper who can hit any target from hundreds of meters away. She’s quiet, deadly, and efficient in the field.

6. Lara Forger

– Loid’s younger sister has been groomed to take over the family business ever since she was a child. She may be innocent on the outside, but she is ruthless and cunning on the inside.

7. Mia Amasova

– Anya’s twin sister and another world-class Russian spy with incredible hand-to-hand combat skills and lethal martial arts techniques make her more than a match for anyone in her way.

8. Kanna Yuki

– Loid’s childhood friend and the head of a powerful Yakuza organization. She’s strong, tough, and always ready to take on anyone who crosses her.

9. Misaki Morita

– Loid’s chief of staff and the one responsible for keeping everything running smoothly at Forger HQ. She’s fiercely loyal, highly efficient, and knows just how to get things done.

10. Takaaki Hattori

– Twilight’s younger brother and an up-and-coming assassin in his own right. He’s cocky, brash, and always looking for a chance to prove himself against the world’s best. These are just some of the many amazing characters that you’ll meet in Spy x Family! So, be sure to pick up a copy when it hits shelves in 2022!

This is a list of the top 10 main characters in Spy x Family with a great role in the upcoming series. This includes Loid Forger, Twilight, Yoruku Obama, Anya Amasova, Erosa, Lara Forger, Mia Amasova, Kanna Yuki, Misaki Morita, and Takaaki Hattori. Each character listed here has its own unique skills and abilities that help make them an integral part of the series. So, be sure to check out Spy x Family when it comes out in 2022!

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