Top 10 Greatest players in Dallas Cowboys club in NFL

Dallas Cowboys

In my opinion, the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of talented players who are capable of playing at a high level.

The most productive team in NFL history they have many elite athletes on their roster. In addition, some very experienced young men were instrumental in them winning last year. I think this season will be another success for the cowboy team and here is why:

Top 10 Player of Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

10. Barry Church

Barry church is a great football player but not as known by others because he didn’t play a large number of games with Dallas. He played four seasons with Jacksonville Jaguars, from 2010 to 2013, before joining the Cowboys in 2014. In his first season as part of the cowboys, 2012, in which he seemed all 16 matches, he recorded 4 interceptions across the season. While in the following year he made 69 tackles and 2 interceptions He is a strong safety who does his job well and would add to the success of the Cowboys in defense.

9. Terrance Williams

Williams was drafted by Dallas Cowboys in the third round,74th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft out of Baylor University. He quickly became one of quarterback Tony Romo’s favorite targets. His length makes it easy for him to catch even the most difficult passes. In the last two seasons has recorded 4 touchdowns each season which shows that he can be counted on when needed most. With great hands, good speed, size 6 ft 3inches 223Ibs, not afraid to attack an opponent, Terrance Williams can be extremely dangerous for opponents.

8. Cole Beasley

A player to watch in 2015, Beasley made a good impression last season and has the potential to become one of the Cowboys’ best offensive weapons this year.At just 5 ft 8 inches, weighing 178Ibs Beasley is small but very quick and agile.He could surprise not only his opponents but also fans this year with his talent. In 2014 he made 51 catches for 536 yards and 4 touchdowns which were all career highs. With better chemistry between Romo and him, we might see even more production from the young receiver in 2015.(For More on Cole Beasley Click here)

7. Morris Claiborne

Claiborne was the first cornerback taken in the 2012 NFL draft. He has shown signs of excellence such as speed and agility to become a very good corner for Cowboy’s defense. He still has some things to improve such as taking better routes which will allow him to make plays on the ball more often and consequently improve his interceptions stats. With great coverage skills, he has all the required physical ability to succeed at the highest level, we just need to see if he can be consistent and eliminate easy mistakes because they can cost games.

6. Tyrone Crawford

In 2014, Crawford started all 16 games for the Cowboys recording 55 tackles, 12 sacks,1 forced fumble which led him to be named runner up as best newcomer of the year. A talent that can be very hard to defend against, with great speed and power he is a nightmare for every offensive player trying to stop him from getting past them. His good work ethic and discipline make him an even harder worker. He is one of the Cowboys most proud players which makes him more dangerous.

5. Henry Melton

Melton is a defensive end who has size, strength, and power but his biggest advantage might be the lack of an injury history .The last two years in Chicago proved that he can play at a very high level and help his team achieve success . When healthy and in shape, he doesn’t take any assistant when rushing the opponent’s QB making it almost impossible to stop him. With that kind of ability, Dallas Cowboys might become unstoppable in defense in 2015.(For More on Henry Melton Click Here)

4. Dez Bryant

As you can already guess, Dez is the biggest name when it comes to wide receivers of the Dallas Cowboys. He has size, strength, and speed which make it impossible for defenders to cover him without making too many mistakes because he is very dangerous when he gets past them. He needs only one advantage over his opponent to score a touchdown which makes him even more dangerous especially near the red zone area where his height gives him a big advantage. In the last two years has made 22 touchdowns which proves how important he is to the team.(For More on Dez Bryant Click Here)

3. Jason Hatcher

The 6 ft 6 inches tall defensive tackle has great size which makes him very hard to pass for opponents’ offensive linemen. His explosiveness coming out of his stance allows him to get top speed in a short time . Hatcher is somehow an underrated player who definitely deserves more credit for being so talented and essential part of the Cowboys’ defense in 2014 when he led the team with 11 sacks which earned him a spot on the pro bowl. He was one of the best players in NFC,s last year who made a huge impact in games where you could count on him stopping the run or rushing QB. (For More on Jason Hatcher Click Here)

2. Sean Lee

Lee is another important player when comes to the defensive side of the Dallas Cowboys. At 6 ft 2 inches, he has great speed and agility which allows him to cover very good areas on the field making important tackles on every play. One of few players who can stop an enemy running game almost all by himself. Dallas Cowboys might not be the same if Sean gets injured because his coverage ability is truly unique.

1. Tyron Smith

The first name that comes into mind when you think about the best player in Dallas Cowboys is probably Tyron Smith. This 2014 was just another confirmation that he is indeed one of the top left tackle in the whole NFL. He might not have made Pro Bowl but clearly was the best offensive lineman for Cowboy’s last year. He has size, strength, explosiveness which makes him almost impossible to pass for opponents’ defensive linemen. With great power, he is able to push them away from the area where the ball carrier is going so they won’t have a chance to stop him. He might be even better than his older brother who plays the same position at San Francisco 49ers which could be no surprise because Tyron was ranked as the top offensive lineman in the 2012 draft whereas his brother went late round. When it comes to a player that can change the way Dallas Cowboys play offense, you should definitely mention this guy.


There you have it! This list of the Top 10 Players In The Dallas Cowboys Club In the NFL will give you an idea of why they are called America’s Team. Write your thoughts in the comment section below.

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