Top 10 The Best Ufo Band Members


There are many great UFO band members, but only ten can make our list. Here we take a look at the top ten best UFO musicians of all time. These virtuosos have entertained us with their awe-inspiring performances and thrilled us with their dazzling solos. So without further ado, let’s get started!


1. Phil Mogg – Vocals

Phil Mogg has been the only constant member of UFO since he co-founded the band in 1968. He is the band’s primary songwriter, and his distinctive voice has been a mainstay of UFO’s sound throughout their career.

2. Michael Schenker – Guitar

A former member of the Scorpions, Michael Schenker joined UFO in 1973 and quickly established himself as one of the world’s foremost rock guitarists. His highly technical style was a major influence on future generations of metal guitarists.

3. Pete Way – Bass

Pete Way is one of the most respected bassists in rock history, and his virtuoso playing was a key element of UFO’s sound in the 1970s. He is also well known for his outlandish stage antics, which often involved acrobatic feats and pyrotechnics.

4. Andy Parker – Drums

Andy Parker has been UFO’s drummer since 1979, and his powerful playing has helped to keep the band at the forefront of hard rock for over three decades. He is also a highly skilled visual artist and has designed many of UFO’s album covers.

5. Paul Raymond – Keyboards, Guitar

Paul Raymond joined UFO in 1980, bringing a wealth of experience as a session musician and member of bands like Russia White and Starfighters Incorporated. Since then, his keyboards and guitar work have been an integral part of UFO’s sound.

6. Vinnie Moore – Guitar

Vinnie Moore joined UFO in 2003, and his highly technical guitar playing has helped to revitalize the band’s sound. He is also a respected solo artist and has released several successful solo albums.

7. Rob De Luca – Bass

Rob De Luca joined UFO in 2006, and his rock-solid bass playing has helped to anchor the band’s sound. He is also a talented songwriter and has co-written several of UFO’s recent songs.

8. Darrell James – Drums

Darrell James joined UFO in 2008, and his dynamic drumming style has helped to inject new energy into the band’s live performances. He is also an accomplished photographer, and his work has been featured on several of UFO’s album covers.

9. Phil Naro – Vocals

Phil Naro joined UFO in 2009, and his powerful vocal style has helped to inject new life into the band’s sound. He is also a talented songwriter and has co-written several of UFO’s recent songs.

10. Neil Carter – Keyboards, Guitar

Neil Carter joined UFO in 2010, and his keyboard and guitar work have helped to add a new dimension to the band’s sound. He is also a highly skilled audio engineer and has worked on several of UFO’s recent albums.

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