Top 10 Outstanding Things About Korean National Football Team


The Korean National Football Team has achieved impressive feats over the years, some of which are worth noting. Here are 10 outstanding things about them:


1. The team won their first ever World Cup match against Poland in 2002 and shocked the world by becoming the only Asian side to reach the semi-finals that year.

2. In 2012, they made it to their seventh consecutive World Cup finals appearance – a feat matched only by Brazil and Germany.

3. They were one of two teams (along with Japan) to participate in all five editions of the East Asian Cup from 2003–13, winning three out of five tournaments and finishing as runners-up twice.

4. From 2004–09, they held a record-breaking 33-match unbeaten streak – the longest in Asian football history.

5. They have won eight consecutive East Asian Football Federation Championships (EAFF) from 2011–19, something no other team has achieved.

6. The Korean National Football Team has also won four AFC Asian Cups, making them the most successful Asian team in this competition.

7. They have produced some of Asia’s best players over the years, including Park Ji Sung and Son Heung-min who both played for major European clubs such as Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur respectively.

8. In 2006, they became the first ever team to be ranked in FIFA’s top 10, and since then, have consistently remained within the top 20 teams in the world.

9. They are renowned for their passionate fans, who travel to support them at home and away games across the globe.

10. Finally, they have a rich and proud history of football development that has seen the sport become increasingly popular in Korea over the years. This includes hosting several international tournaments, such as the 2002 World Cup co-hosted with Japan, as well as establishing numerous youth academies nationwide to develop young players.

These are just some of the many reasons why South Korea’s National Football Team is among one of Asia’s most successful and celebrated sports teams today. It’s no wonder why they have earned the respect and admiration of fans around the world.

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