Top 10 Ideas For St Patrick’s Day Dinner


The holiday of St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and if you were planning on having a big Irish-themed dinner for your guests, we’ve got some great ideas to get you started! Everyone will be dying for these dishes.


1. Corned beef and cabbage

Corned is an old term used for preserved meat. Beef brisket, oxtail, or silverside are popular cuts of beef to use when preparing corned beef. Cabbage is a popular ingredient in many Irish dishes. Potatoes are also an important part of the meal, often boiled and served with parsley butter..

2. Shepherd’s pie

This traditional dish usually contains minced lamb or mutton along with sliced potatoes on top. The stew is made up of onions. Mashed potatoes can be added to the mixture before it goes into the oven for baking. It tastes best when eaten hot!

3. Lamb shanks (or lamb shoulder)

These are slow-cooked in a sauce to make it incredibly tender. Cooked with onions, carrots, French beans or peas this dish is definitely hearty!

4. Irish stew

This simple meat stew is made of meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Slow cooking often in water makes the vegetables soft while the meat stays really tender. Can be served with scones, soda bread, etc for a great meal.

5. Guinness cake

This moist dark chocolate cake gets its flavor from Guinness beer which gives it an intense chocolate flavor that cuts through the sweetness of the icing! Sometimes whiskey can also be used instead of Guinness for different tastes. The cake can very well pass off as dessert too.

6. Irish coffee

This coffee dessert is prepared with Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and coffee. It tastes delicious.

7. White chocolate pistachio truffles

These are melt-in-the-mouth chocolates that are perfect for St Patrick’s Day! The addition of cream gives this simple chocolate mixture a smooth texture. They taste best when refrigerated overnight.

8. Bubble & squeak cakes

This is an Irish dish that consists of fried vegetables like cabbage, mashed potatoes, etc along with some chopped ham or corned beef baked in the oven. These taste great hot with some ketchup on top. They can also be served as side dish to eggs for breakfast!

9. Barmbrack

This fruitcake is flavored with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, raisins, and apple. It is famous as the ‘wishing cake’ because each member of the family gets a slice with a gold ring hidden in it which is said to bring good luck!

10. Irish coffee ice cream

This is creamy vanilla ice cream infused with whiskey and topped with whipped heavy cream and coffee syrup. This iced-coffee dessert tastes delicious too! So enjoy all these recipes this St Patrick’s day!

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