Top 10 Gifts Idea At Christmas For Your Friend

christmas gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea at Christmas for your friend? You want to give them something they will be excited about, love and cherish forever?

Here are 10 ideas just in case you need some inspiration.

christmas gift

1. Personalized photo album

Have old photographs printed off and placed into a beautiful handmade personalized photo album that your friends can treasure forever. Not only is this thoughtful, but it is also very practical. Your friend can show all their family and friends the photos whenever they want to! There are lots of websites out there that offer this type of service so do a little research beforehand if you decide to get this done. Also remember to create an album containing lots of photos from different stages in your friend’s life- childhood, teenage years, more recent years, university or work life. This way they will get great value out of the gift and be able to reminisce on all their good times!

2 . Handmade jewelry

Jewelry is always a really nice Christmas gift idea for your friend. If you are not confident in your jewelry-making abilities then you can always buy some inexpensive earrings, necklaces, or rings from  a store  and either  engrave  or stick something personal on the back with a glue gun (so that it does not come off when they wash!) You can then tie them onto a pretty organza ribbon and knot in at the top to finish off. It only takes five minutes but will make your friends day! Also, a nice idea is to buy a really pretty necklace chain and attach some of your own earrings to the bottom of it. This way you can wear them when your friend cannot!

3 . Travel journal

Your friends who love traveling will adore this gift idea for Christmas. Get each of their favorite memories from traveling pasted into a beautiful handmade travel journal- whether they are short-term or long-term travelers,  even if they have never been abroad before. You can decorate the outside with stickers, glitter pens, or washi tape which really personalizes it! Once inside try mixing up old postcards, ticket stubs, photos, drawings, and souvenirs so that they create an interesting collage effect on each page. Add some personalized doodles and maybe even a photo or two of you and your friend. All the images will transport them back to that place and time when they were feeling inspired, happy and carefree. This is the perfect gift if they are in need of some travel inspiration!

4. Prints made from photographs

This is a lovely idea for someone who loves their photos and likes to print them off regularly. You can either do this yourself (using an old frame and placing literally anything on it whether it be wallpaper, wrapping paper, stencils, vinyl decals pleather fabric, etc.)  or you could ask a local photo lab to print it for you to make sure they use the high-quality card and offer to stick it together for them! This way you could make a collage of photos from various different times in your friend’s life (maybe even one picture of you both!) It is really cheap but incredibly thoughtful and will make their wall look beautiful.

5 . Photo coaster

This is something that comes up year after year as a perfect gift idea because it’s just so simple and personal! You can pick up some coasters from anywhere and then either buy some matching accessories such as a tray, storage jar, handbag etc. or just leave it until closer to the time and surprise them with something else. The bigger the coaster, the more photos you will be able to fit on it which means more memories captured forever. You can also dress it up with some bling or embellishments to make it look really pretty!

6 . A photo printed  on canvas

We all have those special photos that we don’t want to forget. Whether they are old school photos, holiday snaps, selfies you took abroad, party photos, etc. these things are an inevitable part of our lives and deserve to be kept safe forever. A friend of mine recently had this done for her boyfriend who loves his car, baseball caps, and tattoos so she got the main image which was a picture off his phone printed onto a t-shirt transfer material so he could iron it onto any t-shirt he wanted, then she added in 5 other images from different stages of his which now adorn his wall and look beautiful! Luckily we live in a digital age where we can easily upload and download anything we want!

7 . A personalized mug

This is such a simple and sweet idea for Christmas but one that will never go out of fashion. You can use any photos you like. If your friend likes their cups of tea or coffee then why not make them smile with a cutesy quote, saying, or picture on the front? It doesn’t matter whether they are religious, spiritual, artistic, etc – everyone loves getting something nice to drink from – personalized mugs just seem to taste better somehow! I know what I am asking for this year!

8 . A beautiful planner

Christmas is all about making those little memories last and what better way to do that than through a simple gift of a diary or planner. These things are like gold dust as they can be really expensive but you can always pick up some gorgeous cheap ones. You can make them even more fun by decorating them yourself with stickers, photos, drawings, and washi tape. Add on any other special extras such as postcards, tickets from trips abroad, etc. and dear friend will never forget another Christmas again!

9 . Personalised tissue box cover

This is perfect for people who have been blessed with good looks but aren’t so hot when it comes to keeping their noses dry. If you have a friend who is forever sneezing or looking red-faced then why not print off an image or photo of them in their prime, or maybe with that special someone? It is simple but most importantly makes them smile every time they go to wipe their nose!

10 . A printed  photograph

This may be the last thing on our list but it could easily be the first place your money should go if you want a perfect gift idea for your friend (and don’t forget, this applies to you too!) No one would ever say no to a beautiful framed photograph and how cute is that little frame?! You can either get these really cheap from places like Ikea or just keep a lookout for them in your local market, charity shops etc. If you have a printer at home then all the better as these days we can print off photos of all shapes and sizes to suit our purposes!

We hope this helps you as much as it has helped us to think outside the box when it comes to Christmas shopping. An added bonus is that most of these things can also be done online which means you could be ordering them right now without even leaving your house!!! That’s how lazy we are….don’t judge.

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