Top 10 Best Gary Allan Songs


Gary Allan has been a mainstay in the country music industry since 1996 when his debut album Used Heart For Sale was released. His rich baritone and slowed-down take on classic honky-tonk have earned him devoted fans around the world. His catalog of songs reads like a who’s who of greatest hits, making it tough to narrow down just 10 favorites. Here is our attempt at doing just that!


10. Watching Airplanes

– Gary’s 2008 single “Watching Airplanes” rocketed up the charts, thanks to its catchy chorus and steel guitar licks. The song describes Gary’s longing for an old flame and is one of Gary’s most recognizable tunes to date.

9. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful

– Gary’s 2006 single “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” is a touching ballad that speaks to the struggles and hardships of everyday life. With its poignantly honest lyrics, it has become an anthem for those who are struggling.

8. Right Where I Need To Be

– Gary’s 2001 single “Right Where I Need To Be” is a midtempo song about finally finding someone who makes you feel complete. The infectious melody and Gary’s signature vocal styling make this one of his most beloved songs.

7. Nothing On But The Radio

– Gary’s 2004 single “Nothing On But The Radio” is a upbeat number about embracing the simple things in life. Gary’s vocal performance shines on this record, and its catchy chorus has become a fan favorite.

6. Man of Me

– Gary’s 2006 single “Man Of Me” is an ode to self-reliance and strength in difficult times. Gary’s powerful voice carries the song through its message of standing strong no matter what life throws your way.

5. Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)

– Gary’s 2013 single “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)” was a huge hit for Gary, becoming his first number one country hit since 2010. Gary’s emotional delivery captures the bittersweet emotion of a storm passing and is one of Gary’s best-known tracks.

4. Smoke Rings In The Dark

– Gary’s 1999 single “Smoke Rings In The Dark” is a classic Gary Allan song that showcases his ability to tell stories through music. His heartfelt vocal performance conveys the story of an end to a relationship in a way that brings even more emotion than the lyrics.

3. Best I Ever Had

– Gary’s 2003 single “Best I Ever Had” was Gary’s first top 5 hit and it remains one of his most popular songs today. Its upbeat tempo, catchy chorus, and Gary’s signature vocal delivery make it a fan favorite for years to come.

2. Nothing To Lose

– Gary’s 2004 single “Nothing To Lose” is a midtempo track that speaks to Gary’s ability to craft an engaging story with his music. Gary’s powerful voice conveys the song’s message of hope in the face of adversity, making it one of Gary’s most beloved songs.

1. Tough Little Boys

– Gary’s 2003 single “Tough Little Boys” is an uplifting anthem about not giving up when life gets tough. Gary captures the emotion of this message perfectly and its inspiring lyrics have made it a fan favorite for years to come.

Gary Allan has produced countless memorable songs throughout his career, but these 10 stand out as some of his

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